The World's Biggest Street Performance of 'The Fields Of Athenry'.

A record breaking number of over 5000 people accompanied by 118 tin whistle players came along to take part in this remarkable performance on May 6th 2019 in Athenry, Ireland.

The Amazing Apples, The "King of Ceili", Matt Cunningham, Galway Rose Deirdre O'Sullivan and Special Olympic athlete Áine McDermott led the crowd in this song which is sung by Irish people and people of Irish descent all over the world.

What an inspiring day. What an incredible community. No better way to show the world what The West of Ireland is all about. Please share & spread the positive vibes.


Video directed & produced by Kamil Krolak of KamilFilms.


Special thanks to our kind supporter and sponsor Steeltech Garden Sheds - who made our dreams come true by supporting this incredible project and believing in our idea.

Steeltech Garden Sheds are Ireland's leading manufacturer of Garden Sheds, Steel Sheds and Garages. All their Steel Sheds are built to the highest standard:


Most of all we want to thank the thousands of you who turned up to sing, dance and perform 'The Fields Of Athenry', and showed us the true spirit of Athenry.

Dedicated to the wonderful people of Athenry, Ireland.


Many thanks for the ongoing support to Inspiring You IRL


Incredible Live Performance by Amazing Apples Band:


'The Fields Of Arthenry' by Pete St. John

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